1. How do I get in touch with support?

Chat with us! When logged in open chat window by clicking the chat icon or if you want to talk in private use the support chat icon, we usually answer all queries within one minute! In case you don’t want to wait for an answer feel free to mail us at and we get back to you via email.

2. What do you mean with fair or provably fair?

First, we strongly believe in keeping the whole offering very simple and fair. Sometimes traditional casinos offer large bonuses but make it impossible to redeem the funds. This is just one example of not being fair according to us.

Second, how do you know for sure that the operator is not cheating on you? ‘Provably fair’ means that we have implemented a way for you to verify that we have not cheated on you. In short, we use cryptography to make it possible for you to impact the random number generation. You will also be given all values generating the random numbers in advance. Our server seed is shown hashed in advance so you can verify it after the game is played. But not only that, we also provide you with the calculation method to convert a random number into a game result. Thus, you can check that we do not cheat on you.

Does this sound too good to be true? It is a MAJOR advantage compared to traditional Casinos. Check out the Provably fair section in the menu on It will explain everything in more depth and also show how you can check yourself!

3. What is seeds and how does that all come together?

Check our Provably fair page under the Menu

4. Where can I find the Terms & Conditions?

Under the Menu up to the right under Terms & Conditions link.

5. Where can I find the rules of the games?

The rules are written under the question mark icon in the bottom menu

6. Are there any rules for the chat?

Yes, be nice! Apart from that we strongly encourage you to interact with everyone. Playing together is so much more fun! However please remember we will not tolerate spamming, harassment, racism or discrimination! We have zero tolerance policy and will ban anyone engaging in any improper behaviour. Detailed rules for chat can be found under Terms & Conditions in the Menu.

7. Which promotions are ongoing?

The ongoing promo is shown on top of the main page

8. Can I play from any country?

You cannot access the site from Unites States of America, the Unites States Territories, the Netherlands, Curacao or Dutch Caribbean Island. Please check Terms & Conditions for further details.

9. Will there be new games and features coming?

Yes, we will continue to release new games and features frequently.

10. Do you have faucet?

No, but you can try all games with a bet amount set to zero.

11. Is there a referral program?

Yes, you can find more information about it under Refer-a-Friend section, and at the bottom of this page here.

12. I found a bug; can I report and get rewarded for it?

Of course you can! Please send an e-mail to


1. How do I open an account with Coin Dragon?

Click on the green register button up to the right and start the simple process of choosing a username, password and agreeing on the Terms & Conditions

We strongly suggest you add your e-mail or else we cannot help you recover your account should you forget your login details. We will not share any of your personal details with anyone. Also take the opportunity to sign up for 2FA to improve the security of your account.

2. Can anyone open an account with Coin Dragon?

No. You have to be 18+ years old and accept our Terms & Conditions

3. How can I check a bet?

If you are logged in go to the Menu and then choose Account and then check under Bets. Here you can see the last part of the bet history.

4. Where can I check my transactions like my last deposits or withdrawals?

If you are logged in go to the Menu and choose Account and check under Transactions. Here you can see the last part of the transaction history.

5. I’ve forgot my password; how can I recover it?

You can click on the forgotten password link where you log in normally. Fill in your username and an e-mail will be sent to you, provided you have registered an e-mail address.

6. How do I add or change details to my account?

Go to the Menu and click on Account. Anything possible to change can be clicked on.

7. Are there limits to payouts to the games?

If there are any restrictions they are visible under the question mark (?) in the bottom bar when you are in the game.


1. How can I deposit funds?

There are two ways, either click on the + sign next to your balance up on the right, or go to Menu and click Deposit.

2. I have problems depositing

Contact us directly on the support chat.

3. How quick are the deposits?

Your account will be credited after the transaction reaches the number of required confirmations for each currency on its blockchain.

  • BTC: 1 confirmation
  • BCH: 1 confirmation
  • DASH: 1 confirmation
  • DOGE: 1 confirmation
  • LTC: 3 confirmations

4. Is there a limit on what I can deposit?


5. Can I play without making a deposit?

Yes. Feel free to try any game and test it for free (play with zero bet amount).


1. How can I withdraw funds?

Go to Menu and click Withdraw and follow the instructions.

2. I have problems withdrawing.

Feel free to contact us directly on the support chat.

3. How quick are the withdrawals?

Withdrawals are instant, provided that all of your deposits have passed the number of required confirmations for each currency on its blockchain.

  • BTC: 6 confirmations
  • BCH: 6 confirmations
  • DASH: 6 confirmations
  • DOGE: 6 confirmations
  • LTC: 24 confirmations

4. Is there any limit on what I can withdraw?

Yes, the current max withdrawal amounts are listed. You can make multiple withdrawals.

  • BTC: 0.50000000 BTC
  • BCH: 20.00000000 BCH
  • DASH: 75.00000000 DASH
  • DOGE: 2,000,000.00000000 DOGE
  • LTC: 100.00000000 LTC

Free Rounds

1. What are the FreeRounds?

FreeRounds are an awesome and unique development by CoinDragon! Basically a free round is a free play (for real money!) that we give you. Any and all winnings from the free rounds placed will automatically be yours and added to your balance!

2. How to earn FreeRounds?

FreeRounds can be earned in many ways, and we will probably expand the usage in the future as a form of a regular rewarding system.

3. How to claim FreeRounds?

The notification bell next to the balance will show that there is a notification you haven’t read yet. When you open it, you will see the option to claim the FreeRounds. After you claim them, you can use them right away or leave them for later.

After you have claimed the FreeRounds, you can press on your balance and besides BTC and BCH balance, you will see your available FreeRounds.

4. What does the expiration date below the FreeRounds mean?

The expiration date below the FreeRounds notification means that if you want to claim them, you will have to do it within that time-frame, or else they will expire and won’t be able to be claimed later. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to use those FreeRounds by then, you can use them whenever you like it.

5. Can I use FreeRounds in all the games?

At this moment, the FreeRounds are constructed for X-Factor only, but we will keep you updated when it is implemented for other games.

6. How to use FreeRounds?

On the home page, you will see in which game the FreeRounds can be used (it’s written below that game’s icon). Whenever you decide to use them, go to that game, and choose the option to play with the FreeRounds.

After you press the “Roll” button, the auto-roll will start with pre-set settings, and every winning bet will add the payout amount to your balance automatically.

7. Can I withdraw my winnings from the FreeRounds?

All the winnings from FreeRounds are automatically added to your balance, and there are no additional or hidden requirements in order to be able to use those winnings as your own funds. Once it’s shown on your balance, you can decide what you want to do with it. So the answer is yes - you can withdraw your winnings from the FreeRounds.

Affiliate FAQ

1. Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do have an referral program called Refer-A-Friend that you can find under your Account information.

2. How can I become an affiliate?

You can easily create your own, unique referral link under the Refer-A-Friend section, and share that link with the people you want to invite to join the site. After they create an account using your referral link, you will get the chance to earn based on their activity on the site.

3. How can I earn from Refer-A-Friend?

We offer you an option to get a share of house edge from the users you referred and brought to the site. No matter whether they win or lose, you will get 10% of the house edge. The more people you invite the higher chance of you getting higher earnings from the affiliate program.

4. How do you calculate earnings from Refer-A-Friend?

Currently, our House Edge (margin) is 1% for all of the games, so we will simplify the calculation using it as a constant.

Wagered amount of your referred users x 1% House Edge x 10% = Affiliate Commission

This way, you will be getting 10% of our house edge, no matter if your affiliates win or lose in their betting.

5. How can I get my earnings from Refer-A-Friend?

The commission is calculated once a month, at the beginning of the month for the previous months. The calculation will sum up all your commissions and payouts for all currencies since you signed up. If the sum is higher than 1.000 SAT BTC it will be credited to your account by the 7th in the month.

You will receive the commission in the currencies your referred users have wagered.

6. As I have a site or am an influencer with lots of traffic can I get a wider deal?

Yes, contact us on and let’s see what we can do together!