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WIN for the WIN

While talking to our users, we often heard that they would want some kind of a competition where they would actually compete with their Dragon friends. But we didn’t want to create something that you can find in many other places, and that is how we created…


Adventures are not a typical wagering game. Here, your placement will depend on your profit made in the qualifying games during the adventure.

How to participate?

Adventures will be in the “background”, and you can play as you normally would. All your bets made in the qualifying game will be counted in, and you will climb up the leaderboard for that adventure. If you decide to fight for a higher placement - just focus on the game, and it will give results for sure!

You can use any coin to play with, we will count it in and normalize it to BTC so it is easier for you and for us to compare and create a leaderboard.

With every winning bet in the qualifying game, your Score will increase, and your placement will get higher. The Score will be the ranking criteria, so you have to get a higher score than the user above you to climb up the leaderboard.

How long do the Adventures last?

The Adventures length will not be constant, so we will have shorter ones, longer ones, and Epics with shorter breaks in between that may vary as well.

Epics will be our special weekend events, that will give you even higher prizes than the regular adventures, and what’s even better is that you will be able to participate both in an Epic and an Adventure at the same time because both will be active at the same time during the weekend! That makes ONE profiting bet qualifying for TWO competitions!

How to win in an Adventure or an Epic?

It’s simple! If you get a high enough Score and place in the Top 10 - you will win the prize!

You can take a look at the paytable below to see the amounts you can get. The calculation is being done based on the Score you reach (Score x Paytable %) + Guaranteed prize for every user in the top 10.


So, what are you waiting for? Stack up profit on profit and profit even more with Adventures!

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