Birthday Adventures

Special event


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One year - time flies when having fun

The party never stops!

  • We organized 11 adventures that will be happening during the next 6 days, with short breaks in between.
  • Everyone who posts their username and a comment about CoinDragon below will receive 100 Golden Free Rounds - and even if you posted in the previous Birthday competition you will still get 10!
  • Everyone who posts their username below will be eligible for 10% Rakeback at the end of this competition (if you have posted your username during the previous competition, you are already assigned for this promotion).


For more information about the whole setup of our Adventures, read this blog article.

The beginning of every single adventure will be announced in the chat and on our Telegram channel

How to participate?

You do not have to apply for participation, because simply by playing, you are already participating.

Qualifying games?

All games.

Qualifying bets?

All the bets made in any game while the adventure is active are included in the calculations. Any coins except the FreeRounds/Golden FreeRounds are included, and all are normalized to BTC in the leaderboards.


The Score represents the sum of the profit in all your winning bets during each Adventure. Every new winning bet will increase your score by adding the profit amount of that bet to the previous sum. In case there is a tie, the users will be ranked by the bet count of the qualifying bets (higher to lower), and if that still doesn’t determine the winner, then they will be ranked by the account ID (higher to lower).


The prizes will be credited in BTC as a reward that needs to be claimed.

There are guaranteed minimum prizes the Top 10 users will receive.

  • Even if your prize would be lower according to the calculation based on the percentage of your Score, you will still receive the guaranteed amount.
  • If your prize should be higher than the guaranteed prize - you will receive the prize you earned.

The Top 10 users with the highest score during the adventure will be rewarded according to the Paytable presented below.


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