Easter Egg Hunt

Daily winners + Lottery


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Every day - two or more winners!

Collect as many bets as you can with the minimum multiplier of 100x. You can play any game you want!

Post your bets in this Bitcointalk topic, or under this Blog post.

Minimum bet amount:

  • 👉 0.00000050 BTC
  • 👉 0.00005600 BCH
  • 👉 0.00013000 DASH
  • 👉 0.54000000 DOGE
  • 👉 0.00015000 LTC

This competition will last from March 31st, 13:00 UTC until April 6th, 13:00 UTC.

Each day, one user that has the highest sum of the multipliers will win the prize of:

100.000 SAT BTC

***In case of a tie, the user with the highest sum of stakes will win the prize, and if that is a tie, too, the user that posted all the bets first will win the prize.

But that’s not all… While collecting your multipliers, you will take your spot on the leaderboard. The spot you have at the end of each day (13:00 UTC) will be your “TICKET NUMBER” for our Easter Lottery.

The winner(s) will be drawn on Telegram - in our News channel. The “Dice” emoji will decide the winner!

When you enter the “Dice” emoji, it has a random animation of rolling 1 out of 6 numbers on the dice. That number will determine the winner.

How will we do it?

We will look at the number of participants EACH DAY INDIVIDUALLY. Only the bets placed after the announcement for the next day will be counted.

  • 1 - 10 participants - we “roll” the dice once and we have one winner.

  • 11-20 participants - we “roll” the dice twice and we have two winners (the first is the number rolled with the first dice, the second is the number that’s the sum of the two rolled numbers).

  • 21-30 participants - we “roll” the dice thrice and we have three winners (the first is the number rolled with the first dice, the second is the number that’s the sum of the first two rolled numbers, the third one is the sum of all the three numbers rolled)

  • … and so on …

  • 1st place - 50.000 SAT BTC

  • 2nd place - 30.000 SAT BTC

  • 3rd place - 10.000 SAT BTC

  • 4th+ place - 5.000 SAT BTC


  • 8 participants: 1 roll - rolled number “4” - the 4th user on the leaderboard wins
  • 14 participants: 2 rolls - rolled numbers “5” and “6” - the 5th and the 11th (5+6) users are the winners
  • 22 participants: 3 rolls - rolled numbers “1”, “4” and “5” - the 1st, 5th (1+4) and 10th (1+4+5) users are the winners

On Easter day (the 4th day of the competition) we will double the prizes! + A 24-hour Easter Adventure!

  • 1st place - 100.000 SAT BTC
  • 2nd place - 60.000 SAT BTC
  • 3rd place - 20.000 SAT BTC
  • 4th+ place - 10.000 SAT BTC

The dice will be “rolled” on Telegram every day at exactly 14:00 UTC after we make sure the leaderboard for the previous day is 100% correct.

*** In case of a tie on the leaderboard - the users will be ordered alphabetically.


To make this Easter extra special, we have 10 hidden “eggs” somewhere on the site!

The hidden eggs (words) are somewhere on the site, so make sure you look for them. When you find something “odd” and it’s related to Easter, be quick, because we will have only 10 winners (one for each “egg”) that found them first.

In order to win the prize, you must send the word (“egg”) and where you have found it to our live support. If you were the first one to find it, you will win:

20.000 SAT BTC

One user can win multiple prizes.

We will update the list of the revealed “eggs” on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and in the chat, so you know which “eggs” are already found by others!

Happy Easter!

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