EPIC Battle of Dragons

An EPIC race + Daily Happy Hours


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A THOUSAND DOLLAR worth competition you don’t want to miss!

This is a combination of fun and excitement. A relaxed but also intense competition. A competition where you can have full control over your way of betting and games you are playing - just make sure you pick a good strategy that will put you higher on the Leaderboard!

This EPIC Battle of Dragons will last from October 6th, 13:00 UTC, until October 12th, 13:00 UTC.


  • 1. 0.00900000 BTC
  • 2. 0.00400000 BTC
  • 3. 0.00200000 BTC
  • 4. 0.00150000 BTC
  • 5. 0.00100000 BTC
  • 6. 0.00075000 BTC
  • 7. 0.00055000 BTC
  • 8. 0.00040000 BTC
  • 9. 0.00040000 BTC
  • 10. 0.00040000 BTC


  • The BTC amounts are calculated at the moment when this EPIC has started, not at the moment of the payout (BTC prize ~ $51.400)
  • The prizes are the MINIMUM amounts each position will win.
  • In each leaderboard position, if the score is above the minimum payout of that position, the players’ rewards may be higher than that.
  • There is no opt-in and opt-out, everyone who is betting during these 6 days and their bets fulfill the requirements will participate.


  • GAME - Any game
  • CURRENCY - Any currency
  • MINIMUM BET AMOUNT - any amount above 0


  • All the rewards are calculated automatically.
  • The winners will be credited automatically shortly after the EPIC ends.
  • The prizes will be credited in BTC.

For more information about the EPIC’s functionality, check out the EPIC’s tab (next to the Latest bets and Adventures) by pressing the “i” button.


Every day during this EPIC Battle of Dragons, we will organize a Happy Hour with different tasks.

Make sure to follow us on Telegram channel, Twitter, and Facebook to find out when each Happy Hour will begin.

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