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“Dash is Digital Cash You Can Spend Anywhere” is their slogan, and we must say - it’s exactly as they claim!

Fun Facts

Did you know?

  • DASH was released in January 2014 by Evan Duffield.
  • DASH started with the name Xcoin (XCO), then soon changed into Darkcoin, and in the end, it was renamed DASH a year later.
  • The name DASH is actually a combination of words Digital and Cash.
  • DASH is a “child” of Litecoin and a “grandchild” of Bitcoin.
  • When the DASH was first released, there was a “bug” and it resulted in the mining of almost 2 million DASH coins (which, surprisingly, is 1/10 of the total amount of DASH coin that will ever be available on the market).
  • The initial price per coin was less than $10, but at the end of 2017 when all the currencies spiked, DASH coin also reached the price of more than $1500!

Dash! Source: CoinMarketCap

  • DASH brought the word “anonymous” to a higher level compared to Bitcoin.
  • There are three unique features that DASH coin has, and no other coin can say the same. Feature 1: MasterNodes - you must own at least 1000 DASH in order to access this feature. But once you do - you get the access to additional two features. Feature 2: PrivateSend - your transactions become more private (with transactions that combine multiple addresses so it’s more difficult to trace them). Feature 3: InstaSend - the average confirmation time per transaction is 1.3 seconds!
  • DASH is financing its own research, improvements, marketing, etc by sharing the reward from mining (45% goes to the miners, 45% goes to MasterNodes and 10% goes to funding DASH).
  • There is close to 5000 MasterNodes in the world.
  • DASH transactions are way cheaper than Bitcoin transactions are ($0.2-$0.3 per transaction)

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