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Have you ever started something as a joke, and it turned out to be great? Well, imagine how it is now to see Doge coin being one of the most wanted cryptocurrencies in 2021!

Fun Facts

Did you know?

  • Dogecoin started as a joke based on the well known meme that features Shiba Inu dog, and that is how that meme ended up being used for the Dogecoin logo.
  • It was launched in December 2013 by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, and it started as a result of a Litecoin fork.
  • What makes Dogecoin different from other coins and mainly Bitcoin is that the total supply is uncapped - there is no limit in number of Dogecoin that could be mined.
  • Mining can be done on Windows, Linux, Mac and even with a GPU.
  • The initial usage and probably the most common usage of this coin is as a tipping system on Twitter and Reddit in form of rewards. Of course, as the cryptocurrency market grew stronger and stronger, the usage became wider and wider and probably all of you that are reading this now know it as a very convenient crypto currency in the gambling industry.
  • What’s also a huge plus for this coin is that this is an alt coin that has a block time of 1 minute - so the confirmation takes its place very fast, and since the fees are rather low - it’s inexpensive, too.
  • Comparing to Bitcoin, the price is very low (currently goes around $0.00345). You can see the volume, and prices through the history of Dogecoin in the picture below:

Doge! Source: CoinMarketCap

  • The highest price that DOGE has ever reached was $0.740796.
  • Dogecoin and fundraising: there were multiple occasions when the Dogecoin community raised funds to help others: Jamaican Bobsled Team to participate in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, building a well in the Tana river basin in Kenya only two months later, and at the same time sponsored a NASCAR driver Josh Wise. All of these acts required collecting $50.000+ for each, and the goal was easily achieved every single time.

We hope you enjoyed the read just as much as you’re enjoying playing with DOGE!

Good luck!

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