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Bitcoin trend in 2021


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What is the right time to invest in Bitcoin?

We cannot turn back time and invest when its price was only a few dollars, right?

When Bitcoin first appeared in 2009, almost 13 years ago, the price was… $0! If we only knew where the future would bring us. :)

Even the growth that we could see year after year (even month after month) could not give us a sign that today we will be talking about cryptocurrencies as something most common, something that everyone knows about and has some experience with. No matter how big or small that experience is, we all know WHAT it is.

The last 2 years were difficult for everyone. Economy, politics, companies, entrepreneurs, workers… We all faced a situation we never thought we will be in, and I bet most of us still have a feeling like we are in a movie.

Surprisingly (or not?), Bitcoin reached its highest price ever this year! It proved that the crypto world doesn’t have much in common with the “real world”.

Would you invest in Bitcoin now? Would it be worth it now when it’s already so high, above all the expectations and realistic predictions?

When we saw Bitcoin reaching $60.000 in March and April, some thought “that’s it, the highest it will ever reach”. But, seeing its movements in October, we see how wrong those were…

Bitcoin has reached almost $65.000 on April 14, and then it went slowly down, raising a lot of questions, doubts, even panic for some.

Yesterday (Oct 20), the history has changed. Bitcoin reached its ALL-TIME HIGH!


Source: CoinGecko (

There are always speculations about what’s affecting Bitcoin prices. From the “good old” Law of Supply and Demand to the regulations that are changing constantly all over the world (with the greatest impact of China, USA and other countries that have more influence in everything, not just in the crypto world).

The biggest news related to Bitcoin refers to a huge debut on Wall Street and the possibility of trading Bitcoin futures ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). It all started on Tuesday (October 19), and we can already hear everyone talking about it.

Next week we will talk about Bitcoin futures, their trade, how it is regulated and what are the experts’ opinions when it comes to the whole functionality and policies related to that.

The question is: Will this impact the Bitcoin price even more? Will the situation on the crypto market change now, or will it remain the same?

Let us know what you think in the comments below this post!

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