A new game at CoinDragon: Gold Digger

Game description and instructions


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How did we come up with the idea?

Don’t you love the games where you know that your next move will decide the direction of the game? If you pick the right field - you keep on winning, if you pick the wrong one, on the other hand - the game is over.

Just like Mines… But more exciting! You are now digging out the treasure! And you get a chance to win some multipliers that will for sure be an adventure you won’t forget.

A lot is in your hands in this game: the difficulty settings, the path you will use, the manual VS. autoplay, the strategy you will choose… It’s more than just another game on the site - it’s fun, exciting, uncertain, keeps you on your toes, and keeps your heart beating fast.

What IS the Gold Digger?

Gold Digger is a new game at CoinDragon. It’s completely different from other games we have on site - and hopefully exciting for those that are looking for new games, new adventures.

Game Rules

Before you start playing, you have to choose one of the offered difficulty levels:

  • Bronze (easy) 3 out of 4 tiles are wins
  • Silver (medium) 2 out of 3 tiles are wins
  • Gold (hard) 1 out of 2 tiles is a win
  • Double Gold (Very hard) 1 out of 3 tiles is a win
  • Triple Gold (Super hard!) 1 out of 4 tiles is a win

There are hidden chances on line 4, 7 and 10 that can increase your multiplier. You can get 2x, 4x, 11x, 22x or a maximum 44x your original multipliers.

You can play manually, and make a decision on every single field you open whether you want to proceed or not. Or, you can use the auto-betting settings and predetermine what’s the multiplier and path you are chasing.

Remember that the further you go, the higher the multiplier is - and you will have a chance to hit those hidden gems as you dig deeper.

All of this makes the Gold Digger totally unpredictable, and even more exciting.

House Edge

The House Edge for this game is 3% with the right strategy.

Maximum multipliers

Depending on the difficulty settings you choose, there are different maximum multipliers you can reach.

  • For Bronze it is 13.09x
  • For Silver it is 42.52x
  • For Gold it is 755.12x
  • For Double gold it is 43544.15x
  • For Tripple gold it is 773245.24x

Maximum Payout

The maximum payouts for this game per bet are:

  • BTC: 1.00000000 BTC ,
  • BCH: 30.00000000 BCH ,
  • DASH: 130.00000000 DASH ,
  • DOGE: 3,400,000.00000000 DOGE ,
  • LTC: 190.00000000 LTC
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