Golden FreeRounds

Win up to 6.2 BTC on us


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Golden FreeRounds

We are improving, and we are improving fast!

We already created a new, upgraded version of our FreeRounds, and it’s created so you can not only win 5x from each round, but you can win up to 6.2 BTC from the Golden FreeRounds that you can receive with your deposit. Not once, but on EVERY deposit you make!

You are probably thinking this is too good to be true, but it’s actually reality!

How many Golden FreeRounds you get depends on how much you deposit, so check this out:

  • For deposits between 50.000 - 249.999 SAT BTC (or 2.000.000 - 9.999.9999 SAT BCH) you’ll get 10 Golden FreeRounds.
  • For deposits of 250.000 SAT BTC (or. 10.000.000 SAT BCH) or above you get 70 Golden FreeRounds.

Each Golden FreeRound also gives win on the exact result of **x888888.xx (including any and all decimals)!

That means that 10 Golden FreeRounds potentially gives a win up to 0.88 BTC and 70 Golden FreeRounds gives a potential win up to 6.2 BTC!

After you deposit check out the notification bell, claim the Golden FreeRounds and go straight to X-Factor game to test your luck!

The game settings are predetermined for this promotion, so all you have to do is press “Roll” and keep your fingers crossed for that lucky x888888 number!

Good luck!

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