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Competition with prizes for all + Daily winners


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Win a bet in X-Factor with at least 100x multiplier, but with the highest result possible. Ranking will be done by the results, not the winning multiplier.

Example: If you win a bet like this, we will count your result (484.51x) as an entry.


We will have a daily winner (announced every 24 hours) and the competition winners (best bets in the whole competition).

This competition will last from June 29th 13:00 UTC until July 6th, 13:00 UTC.


  1. Daily winner: 50.000 SAT BTC

  2. Prize pool:

  • 0-5 participants 100.000 SAT BTC
  • 6-10 participants 500.000 SAT BTC
  • 11-15 participants 1.000.000 SAT BTC
  • 16-20 participants 2.000.000 SAT BTC
  • 21-25 participants 3.000.000 SAT BTC
  • 26-30 participants 5.000.000 SAT BTC
  • 30+ participants 10.000.000 SAT BTC

Calculation: (Prize pool / sum of the highest applied result by each participant) * The highest applied result of the specific user


  • Minimum bet amount: 100 SAT BTC or 4000 SAT BCH
  • You can post as many bets as you want - as soon as you win a bet with the higher Result, you can post it here and we will count that one.
  • Submit your Bet ID(s) in the comment(s) only in this Bitcointalk topic OR in the comments of our Blog post right here (read: How to enter)
  • Only bets made after this competition has been posted will be valid
  • Multiple accounts are not allowed - only one account per internet connection is allowed to participate.

How to enter (please follow the template):

  1. Your CoinDragon Public Display Name
  2. Bet ID
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