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This month we are opening a new type of competition that will be live every month.

Each competition will start on the first day of the month, and end on the last.

There is only one winner of the prize of $100 in BTC.

🎲 Competition 🎲

Win a bet with the highest PROFIT amount.

This competition will last from November 1st, 15:00 UTC until November 30th, 15:00 UTC.

💰 Prize 💰

$100 in BTC

📝 Rules 📝

  • ✏️ You can play any game you like.
  • ✏️ You can use any settings and any bet amount.
  • ✏️ All the bets will be normalized to BTC.
  • ✏️ Post your bets and your usernames here in the well-known format (check it out at the end of the text).
  • ✏️ This same competition will be available on Bitcointalk, as always, and the winner will be the one with the highest profit amount in total (all the bets from this Bitcointalk thread and all the bets from the blog will be taken into consideration).
  • ✏️ Post your bet(s) within 24 hours since they were placed.

❗️ Disclaimers:

  • 👉 We will have only ONE winner for the whole month.
  • 👉 In case of a tie (exactly the same profit amount), the player that posted first will be the winner.
  • 👉 If the BTC ↔️ Other currencies ratio changes considerably, we will update it here based on what ratio we will normalize the bets.
  • 👉 The leaderboard will be posted at least once a week.

💲 BTC ratio 💲

  • 💸 1 BTC = 104.98 BCH
  • 💸 1 BTC = 320.02 DASH
  • 💸 1 BTC = 320.88 LTC
  • 💸 1 BTC = 227820.91 DOGE

✍️ How to enter ✍️

Copy and paste the following template and replace YOURNAME with your Display Name, and replace BETS with your Bet-IDs:

——————————- copy this: ——————————-

  1. Your CoinDragon Public Display Name: YOURNAME
  2. Bet ID(s): BET
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