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Refer-A-Friend - improved

Since many of you talked about a different approach to calculating your affiliate commission, we decided to incorporate it in a way that’s easier for you to understand and follow. And, it works in YOUR favor.

We are no longer calculating your commission as a revenue share. We released a new version of Refer-A-Friend feature, and we promise you - you will love it.

Starting today, your commission will be calculated based on the wagered amount of your referred users.

How to calculate your commission?

It’s very simple!

Currently, our House Edge (margin) is 1% for all of the games, so we will simplify the calculation using it as a constant.

Wagered amount of your referred users x 1% House Edge x 10% = Affiliate Commission

This way, you will be getting 10% of our house edge, no matter if your affiliates win or lose in their betting.

Additional improvements

We did not only change the calculation method, but we have also improved the following conditions:

  • Payouts of your earned commission are done by the 7th in a month for the previous month.
  • Bonuses your affiliates got from us (from rewards, prizes, etc) are no longer being deducted from your commission. We are covering that as an incentive for you to invite more friends.
  • There is no negative carry over from previous months, since the commission is no longer a revenue share.
  • In case you succeed as a good affiliate and manage to earn 1.000 EUR from your affiliate commission, don’t hessitate to contact us at and discuss an individual Affiliate agreement that will give you even more benefits.

We hope this is a nice surprise and a good incentive for you to make October a successful month for you by inviting more friends and make earnings without much effort.

Feel free to reach out to marketing team at in case you need any additional information, banners, or anything else that will help you out in promoting your own Refer-A-Friend campaign.

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