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A new feature on the site

From the very beginning, we have been working hard on implementing the features that our customers request. By doing that, we have added quite a few features over the time. Some are fun, some are useful, but you seemed to like them all!

This one is a good combination of the characteristics mentioned above.

You are now able to check out your statistics for your betting session. It is available in all the games, and there are some amazing and very useful options when it comes to the statistics display, so let’s talk about that.

  • Open any game, and you will see the " % " button. If you don’t have any previous sessions, you will see that there is “No data available


  • As soon as you start betting, a bar will appear and show you the results, by splitting the bar in two sections: a green part that presents your wins, and a red part that presents your losses.

In the picture below, you can see that there were 10 bets in the session, and 7 of them were wins, and 3 of them were losses.


  • You will also notice a number next to the bar. It shows the profit/loss in that session, and it shows the percentage of your starting balance. You will see a green arrow going up that presents the profit, or the red arrow going down that presents the loss.



  • Next to the Profit Percentage display, you will see the Reload button, that allows you to reset the session whenever you want, and start a new one from zero.


  • And the last button is giving you the option to expand the statistics display for that session, and have a better look at the numbers.

When you press that button, you will be able to see Total number of bets, Total number of winning bets, Total number of Losing bets, Wagered amount, and Profit amount.


  • A great feature within this feature is that it saves the Session Statistics for every game separately. So if you play a little bit of Dice, then go to play Mines, and then go back to Dice, you will have separate Session Statistics for those games, and you may continue them, or reset them and start from scratch.

Keep in mind that the Session Statistics will be reset for all of the games if you log out.

Let us know what you think about our new feature! We find it very fun and useful, and hopefully, you will, too!

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