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10 Daily Winners


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Join our daily adventures! Be in the top 10 every day, and you will win the prize… Every day!

Pay attention to the qualifying games for each adventure.

Every adventure starts at 14:00 UTC, and finishes at 13:59 UTC the next day!

During this week, we will have 5 Adventures and 1 Epic!

Competition Game Time
Tiptoe Like a Pro Mines November 24th, 14:00 UTC - November 25th, 13:59 UTC
Dice Mania Dice November 25th, 14:00 UTC - November 26th, 13:59 UTC
The Gold Rush Gold Digger November 26th, 14:00 UTC - November 27th, 13:59 UTC
(Epic) Liberty All games November 27th, 14:00 UTC - November 28th, 13:59 UTC
Slice The Dice Street Dice November 28th, 14:00 UTC - November 29th, 13:59 UTC
Xtra Everything X-Factor November 29th, 14:00 UTC - November 30th, 13:59 UTC

🔢 Score

  • Calculated on winning qualifying bets only.
  • Each winning qualifying bet will increase the score by adding the bet profit to the current score.
  • Formula: newScore = previousScore + (betPayout - betStake)
  • Ties on score is resolved by the bet count (qualifying bets only) descending, and then the account ID of the contenders descending.

✅ Qualifying bets

  • Bets made on the qualifying games with required minimum multiplier
  • All coins except FreeRounds
  • All bets will be normalized to BTC
  • Only bets made during the adventure are eligible

📔 How to enter 📔

There is no opt-in or opt-out. All qualifying bets will participate.

🐉 🐉

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