Classic Crypto Dice



Dice was originally a game where you select an outcome of a normal 6-sided dice and bet if your next throw will be over or under the selected outcome. Crypto dice has evolved somewhat to a dice with 100 sides.


You can select the outcome with the slider at the top. The Payout will change correspondingly. Default outcome is set to 50 and the default bet is on Roll under. If you are happy with the selection you stake an amount and roll the dice with the green button.

If you prefer you can manually set values for Roll under/Roll over or Payout, with an accuracy of two decimals. Here you can also toggle between betting on Roll over or Roll under. Automatic betting on a number of rolls with rules on what to do if you win or lose is also possible.



Max Payout

BTC: 100,000,000 SAT, BCH: 3,000,000,000 SAT

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