Street Dice

Let 'Em Roll

Street Dice


Classical dice game (no not crypto dice, we’re talking traditional-physical-six sided-has-been-around-for-ages type of dice ;)


  • Chose bet type between: - correct score where you need to guess the exact outcome of the dice throw. - over/under where you need to guess if the outcome of the dice throw is over or under a result set by yourself. - range where you need to guess that the result of a dice throw is in a range from one number to another. For all 3 bet types you can also choose to bet on two outcomes (non overlapping)
  • Chose number of dices (max 5)
  • Let ‘em roll!


1 %

May payout

BTC: 100,000,000 SAT, BCH: 3,000,000,000 SAT

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