Gold Digger

Hunt The Treasure

Gold Digger


Gold Digger is a game where you need to dig your way down to find gold! The further down you dig the more gold you can find. If you’re lucky you’ll hit hidden treasures multiplying your win!

Interesting facts

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Begin by choosing your difficulty level (the higher the difficulty the higher the multiplier you can win).

These are:

  • Bronze (easy) 3 out of 4 tiles are wins
  • Silver (medium) 2 out of 3 tiles are wins
  • Gold (hard) 1 out of 2 tiles is a win
  • Double Gold (Very hard) 1 out of 3 tiles is a win
  • Triple Gold (Super hard!) 1 out of 4 tiles is a win

There are hidden chances on line 4, 7 and 10 that can increase your multiplier. You can get 2x, 4x, 11x, 22x or a maximum 44x your original multipliers.

Start digging!

Choose a tile in the top row. If you find gold you can chose to proceed to find more gold or cash out. If you dig up a skull the game ends and you have lost

Will you dig all the way to the bottom for a chance of getting the BIG treasure!?


3% with the right strategy

May payout

  • 1.00000000 BTC
  • 30.00000000 BCH
  • 130.00000000 DASH
  • 3,400,000.00000000 DOGE
  • 190.00000000 LTC
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